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Here's a little but about myself. 

      I grew up in eastern Oregon, fishing at every opportunity that opened up to me. During the summers, my friends and I would be fishing on weekends, before school and sometimes even on lunch break! This continued even through college where you could often find me along the banks of small rivers, reservoirs or on the nearby Mighty Columbia. 


      This passion for fishing led me to experimenting with homemade lures. I remember as a kid making small spinners with an old wire kit that my Dad had. The joy of catching fish on something you created was very exciting to say the least!


      I followed this passion and continued in the art of lure making and started handing them out to friends, coworkers and of course, field testing for myself. 


       Recently, I decided to take my "hobby" to the next level creating JCM CUSTOM TACKLE LLC. My intentions with this business is to create and offer Custom, Quality Tackle, that will Increase anglers' Confidence and overall Experience on the water!

I now get to enjoy watching my children learn about, appreciate and enjoy the outdoors! -John Ellwanger

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Kids fish pic 1.jpg
Tourney pic 1.jpg
Bass pic 1.png
Walleye Pic 1_edited.jpg

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